“Mario Kart Tour” app races to first place


Angela Gutierrez

Many students on campus have the Mario Kart app on their phones which lets them play whenever they want to. “I love having a piece of my childhood always with me on my phone.”(Andreia Sales)

Angela Gutierrez, Performing Arts Reporter

Towards the end of September, Nintendo released their Mario Kart Tour racing app that quickly became the number one racing game on the app store. Ever since then people have been playing nonstop trying to beat their best scores and racing against friends. Nintendo claims in their app description that the app offers “endless Mario Kart fun at your fingertips!”

The game is full of classic Mario Kart courses but also includes new ones that are “inspired by real-world cities”, explains Nintendo. When taking a quick glance at some of the app’s reviews, words like “fun”, “addicting”, “exciting” and even “best mobile game in the world” are seen frequently. According to gamesindustry.biz, about 10.1 million people downloaded the app when it launched.

A poll consisting of 39 people was taken to see how many of them actually play Mario Kart Tour. Out of these 39 people 30 of them (77%) play the game and 9 of them (23%) don’t. The app has surged, gained popularity, and has taken a special place in people’s hearts and phones.

Many students at Lugo have joined the Mario Kart community lately. So many students play this game on campus during their free time. Some have even been caught playing during their classes.

Mario Kart Tour has become so popular to the point where students can’t stop playing. Carlos Castaneda, a junior, has been caught playing the game during his classes by 4 of his teachers. Other students haven’t been caught but do still play when they have free time in class.

┬áMario and Luigi along with many other original characters are featured on the app. Players can race against or as these characters the game. “The game is so much fun and entertaining.” (Ariel Townley) Photo Courtesy of Pexels.com

Other students have not played the game at all and when Alyssa Orona, a senior, was asked why she hasn’t downloaded the game she replied with, ” I haven’t thought about it, but I have considered downloading it.” People who don’t have the app aren’t interested in the whole concept of the game but have heard many opinions and comments on it. Mario Kart Tour has attracted many players in its first month or so and continues to do so.

It’s fun way to connect with my childhood since I grew up playing Mario Kart.

— Caitlyn Boyer

Some of the app’s players have even formed an emotional bond with the game. Andreia Sales, a senior who plays Mario Kart Tour, was asked why she liked the game so much and she replied with, “It’s cool to have part of my childhood with me in my phone.” Growing up she owned a Nintendo DS and many players agree with her when she says that the Mario Kart Tour app brings back nostalgic memories.

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