400 dollars a man; Slavery in Libya is a silenced topic in American Media


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Migrants in Libya are still trying to defeat the cycle of escaping, without being captured and put back into Slavery. While not all have the opportunity to escape, most are fighting to stay alive and hydrated.



Natalie West, Managing Editor

Silence, then you awake to yelling, and if you don’t get up fast enough, you will be whipped.  Ripped clothing that you have been wearing for weeks with no shoes are clinging to you. You are malnourished, starving, dehydrated, and physically abused, standing in a line among strangers waiting to be sold to your next owner. Sounds like Slavery, right?

It is, people. Current day slavery in happening Libya as I am typing this story. People in Libya are being ripped apart from their families, homes, and are being silenced upon a discussion of where life takes them next and actual human beings are being sold for 400 dollars a man. I think it is time to talk about the severity of humanity issues that are happening in Libya.

This is nothing new, America! Slavery in Libya has been happening for years. Tens of thousands of people run for their life every year to try to escape this monstrosity, but very few are lucky.

A young man named Victory experienced the injustice of the deportation system in a 2017 article by CNN. He explains how himself and his mother spent their life savings and borrowed money from citizens around the city to smuggle him over to Europe. He has been through this inescapable hell two times already, only to be sent back and put into slavery like many times before.

Why do we preach so much about equality and freedom when people are crying out for help to live just one day without being a slave? Many people take matters to social media to preach about it but get really quiet when it comes actually researching and educating yourself. I cannot expect much out of media. After CNN broke news about the Libyan Slave trade, Donald Trump Via twitter claims that CNN is fake news and does a poor representation of the world.

Wake up America! While his comments like this aren’t a surprise, Libyan media from all over took his words as an opportunity to discredit the CNN articles about Slavery. This shows America that our president is not only racist, but supports slavery, and discredits some of the most hands-on investigative journalists in the world who are real news journalists.

It is so crucial and important that we the people, act on equality constantly in this horrible, socially injustice world. Be nice to others around you and do not let yourself discriminate others. The UN is currently trying to find ways to help slaves escape the no ruled injustice system.