Unexpected birth of baby lamb on Lugo’s Campus


Turtle lays down for a quick nap after a long, hot day. Photography by Daniel Pahutan.

Natalie West, News and Managing Editor

A new baby is born right on Don Lugo’s campus, Turtle the Lamb. A unique twist to the story is that this is the first lamb Don Lugo has ever had that was born on its own. Two weeks ago, the muse, the baby’s mother, had her child early in the morning, on her own without any student help. This is the first animal born on campus without any students to observe or help.

Pullquote Photo

Turtle is the friendliest little guy, he has never bitten me within his lifetime.”

— Adam Gomez

The lamb has to be six months old in order to compete at the fair Don Lugo’s FFA team competes at annually. Since the competition is early next year, Turtle is ineligible to compete. There are also another expected 2-3 lambs within this school year.

Many students have been gushing positive comments over the new lamb so it is a huge question if the students plan to keep him or not.  Whether Turtle will be sold in the future or kept and raised at Lugo is a decision assigned to the students.

Students can visit the Farm during the school day through Mrs. Berry to visit the animals.


Pictured above is Turtle the lamb along side his mother posing for a picture. “Turtle is so cute and sweet, especially for being how young he is,” comments Alondra Navarette, agriculture student. Photography by Daniel Pahutan.