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Student viewing the Usher halftime show
Usher's 2024 Halftime Show
Morgan Graves, News Writer • February 22, 2024

Yeah yeah yeah! That's what millions were singing during Usher's halftime performance during Super Bowl LVII. He had guest performances by Alicia...

Photo showing an older Ellie in the second game in black and white.
The Last of Us: Show vs Game
Sage Mejia, Review Writer • February 20, 2024

I had never cried in the first episode of a TV show until I saw The Last of Us. As I already knew the game, it was interesting to see it translated...

A poster from the new movie Mean Girls in the iconic pink with iconic sayings from the movie.
Analyzing Mean Girls: Broadway vs Hollywood - A Cinamatic and Theatrical Faceoff
Sage Mejia, Review Writer • February 6, 2024

I think we can all agree that Mean Girls is iconic with our favorite sayings such as "fetch" and "On Wednesday we wear pink." Mean Girls is so...

‘Sephora 10-year-olds’ Taking Over Makeup Stores

Recently, people have taken notice of a weird phenomenon going on with the younger generation, Gen Alpha. All over the United States, kids aged 8-11 or even younger can be seen being obsessed with makeup and skincare. While this can be a normal thing, many report seeing very young kids inside makeup stores like Sephora, and buying products which aren’t meant for their age group. Parents on social media can be seen posting videos about their kids wanting makeup and skincare products for the holidays instead of things more fitted to their age.

Many people on social media have acknowledged this and claim that kids are simply growing up too fast. “They don’t have a childhood anymore, they just want to grow up as fast as they can.” One TikTok user shares. Some argue that social media is the root cause of this issue. Most kids now have phones as soon as they start developing cognitively. Which, in turn, gives them access to all sides of social media. Kids may feel pressured to act like the adults they see on their screens. Also, there aren’t many social media pages aimed towards kids, most of the latest influencers are all talking about their skincare routine or the best makeup products.

Makeup store employees have communicated that they’ve been seeing an influx of kids going into their stores and buying many products that they don’t necessarily need. Some employees have seen kids buying up to $500 worth of products from their stores. Kids can be seen buying serums, toners, and moisturizers that all contain harsh ingredients for young skin. Even though most of these products are aimed towards older ages, tweens can be seen buying and using them as well. The brand Drunk Elephant seems to be a hit for younger kids nowadays, as a numerous amount of people on social media see kids buying a good deal of their products. An anonymous Sephora employee recalls, “When I was working as a cashier, I saw a girl around ten years old buying over $300 worth of Drunk Elephant products and her mom just let her.” Experiences like these have been shared all over social media, and many people in the comments share the same sentiments of the children growing up too soon.

This situation ties into how many Gen Alpha kids are glued to their devices now. Parents have described how their kids throw massive tantrums when they don’t have access to their devices. Teachers – and other individuals in education – detail how they’ve never had kids so mean and unwilling to participate. While we see these effects on the new generation, some believe that the parents are at fault. All over social media, parents are stating that when they’re tired of parenting, so they just hand their kids a device. This may have worked for a little bit, but now we are starting to see the impact that devices have on young children. The “Sephora 10 year olds” are just the beginning of the issues that social media has on kids.

Gen Alpha may be growing up too fast, but it could be the effect that social media has had on them. They’re buying products that don’t suit their skin and are wearing makeup which can damage their skin. A multitude of videos on social media can be seen diving into this topic and what it means for future generations. People are starting to finally learn just how much social media can influence young people.


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Julia Zelaya is in her first year of Quest News as a senior. She is the secretary of the Wish You Well club, and has been involved in many school clubs during her four years at Don Lugo. While she is a new addition to the staff, Julia enjoys keeping people informed with current events and writing in depth articles. She is exploring all genres of writing and is open to all new ideas.

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