New Year, New Food


The winter lunch menu is out and has new food that excites students. “It’s nice to see some change, I still can’t believe we’re going to be eating Domino’s pizza,” claims student, David Aguilar. Each day of the week will provide a different food for the students to chose from.

Luis Vazquez , News Reporter

As the new year begins, Lugo offers the students with a new variety of foods that they can choose from. From Chicken Parmesan to Chicken Rice Burrito, the school lunch presents the new winter menu. With a new director to decide the menu, every Friday during lunch, the cafeteria will be having Domino’s pizza.

“Everything from our menu has been tweaked, some not as big as others, but the majority has been replaced with other delicious food choices,” states Head of the Cafeteria, Linda Ferriera. In every season, the menu changes to fit the season and also to see the students try different food so they can improve school lunches. With our new director coming from Pomona High, he thought students here would also enjoy eating a delicious pizza with low calories.

“I had the honor to be the first person to try the chicken parmesan, it was quite tasty, I was surprised it came from our cafeteria,” expresses Chase Elliott. The lunch ladies also encouraged students to give feedback on the new menu so they can modify them. The menu will change one more time during the spring so the food fits the season.