Aloha Kahuna


Kahuna has arrived. This pup will be Ms.Rohrer’s 6th guide dog in training. Anissa Carcido says,” I love Kahuna he’s so cute!”

Tatiana Arenas and Ammon Parks

Lugo’s ohana welcomes Kahuna, Ms. Rohrer’s newest service dog on Hawaiian day. Kahuna will undergo his training starting today. He will begin training by learning the basic skills of leading the blind.

Kahuna is a mix between a lab and a golden retriever. He will be staying with his raiser/trainer Ms.Rohrer for 18 months. Then, after those 18 months he will move onto the next phase of becoming an official guide dog for the blind.

As for the process of choosing the name Kahuna, Ms.Rohrer says,” I like to have my students participate.” The first step is receiving the first letter of the name that the guide dogs for the blinds sends her. Then, she gets to ask her students to submit a few names that start with the letter K. From there, she narrows down a few of her favorites and then makes the final decision.

Ms.Rohrer is beyond excited to meet Kahuna, she adds,”Everytime I recieve a new dog the excitement and thrill is the same as the first time.”  A couple of weeks prior to the announcement of Kahuna’s arrival, Ms.Rohrer walked around school handing out Lei’s for students to wear to show that the new guide dog on campus has a Hawaiian name. Isaiah Ruiz says, “It was like a baby shower for a dog.”