Don Lugo Welcomes Two New ROP Dance Classes


Luis Vazquez and Tatiana Arenas

The Don Lugo Career Center adds two new dance classes to the after school ROP program. The new performing art classes are contemporary modern and hip hop dancing. The two classes were created and will be held at Upland High School.

The contemporary and hip hop will begin on September 20, 2016, at Upland High School. The contemporary dance class will teach young students who are interested in making a career out of dance. They will be learning different varieties of techniques such as learning choreography and entry level dance field positions.

Hip hop dancers are expected to learn discipline and make a commitment to dance throughout the semester. Along side those elements, the class will require each student to handle high level intensity workouts. Reese Rizo is beyond excited to get her opinion on this news by saying, “I think by adding these two new classes, it will help those who love dance gain more knowledge of the dance industry.”