Dr. White: Class of 2020’s new adviser


Dr. White via Twitter: www.twitter.com/@guyewhite

Dr. White is also the author of the book Building the World’s Greatest High School Student Leader. “I want to know what they want,” says White as he wants the students to explore the path they want to go in. He states he will also be in the position of learning how to be remarkable like them.

Kaitlyn Valenzuela, Reporter

Dr. White will be the new class adviser for the class of 2020 and he is ready to take on the “gram” challenge. The soon-to-be adviser is excited to meet the new appointed class officers and 2020 students. “I want to know where they want to go as a class and how high they want to rise,” says Dr. White, expressing his interest. He is going to work towards the attitude of what it takes to be an amazing class.

Dr. White used to run the Renaissance leadership program in 2007 and has been eager to be involved again. “When Mrs. Riggo-Witt invited me to be freshmen class adviser, I said yes!” he commented. White believes the students will “wow” him and is ready for them to make their mark.

A class adviser’s role on campus is to lead the class through a series of events that include fundraising, spirit, and leadership. The freshman class will focus on selling a variety of “grams” this year, fundraising in their sophomore year, planning prom in their junior year, and then planning all their senior events and participating in graduation. Before it even begins, four years of advising will come to a very quick end.