The Crazy World of Isaiah Ruiz


Class of 2017’s Isaiah Ruiz has lots of wonderful plans in store for us. From hosting Christmas parades to having his own TV show, he’s doing it all. Don Lugo can’t wait to see these amazing events unravel. Photo courtesy of Isaiah Ruiz

Tania Nieblas, Editor

If you are not familiar with Isaiah Ruiz, you must be living under a rock. This Don Lugo Junior has created quite a name for himself throughout the years. From getting his own TV show on campus to hosting this year’s Christmas parade, not only has he become a popular figure on campus but in the entire Chino community as well.


This Saturday, Isaiah will be the youngest person to ever host the Chino community Christmas parade. Every year, Paul and Karen Larson traditionally host the parade, but this year they’re taking a Hawaiian vacation. When the city found out, Paul and Karen’s daughter, Jessie Larson,  reached out to the talented student and decided to pass the torch over to him.


“What’s funny is that exactly one year ago, I thought to myself, ‘wow one day I want to announce the Christmas parade,’ and when they finally asked me to it I was over the moon excited,” shared a very enthusiastic Isaiah. A great number of people show up to this event every year, so the pressure is on. In fact, no one else has seemed to even put thought into doing, so this sets very high standards for people in high school to actually go out and do big things in the community.


Although Ruiz has done a number of great things for our town, they aren’t always easy. He expressed that he constantly pitches ideas to the district and some of them don’t always work out. “I’ve been talking to the district about some ideas I’ve been trying to put together, and a lot of times I’ve gotten turned down.”


Despite the struggles, Isaiah’s hard work has been paying off and have made another one of his dreams comes true. He will be hosting a brand new talk show on Don Lugo TV called The Crazy Show. The show will feature interviews with Don Lugo staff and will also show the different activities Isaiah will try such as Dance, Football, and everything else the campus has to offer. “This is going to basically be like my own late night show, MY way,” he explained.


Keeping up with this hectic lifestyle isn’t simple. You will always find this busy teenager running around back and forth from the Seventh Street Theatre to Don Lugo and anywhere else you can possibly think of.  “My busy schedule takes a lot of time and loads of patience, but I frequently remind myself that I just need to keep calm and be grateful for all of these amazing opportunities,” stated Isaiah.


Isaiah Ruiz will definitely be leaving a legacy behind being that next year will be his last year attending Don Lugo high school. “I hope other students will see what I’m doing and get inspired to shoot for their dreams everyday they set foot on this campus,” he said. Nevertheless, most people that meet this student can see the passion he has in everything that he does, and it is like a breath of fresh air to see that there are students out there that are this goal-driven and have strong ambitions in their lives.