GSA Speaks For Those Who Can’t


GSA held a protest on Friday to raise awareness for bullying. Club members wore tape over their mouths to symbolize how "words can permanently silence someone." GSA vice president Monica Lara and fellow members also wore signs bearing statistics and statements regarding bullying.

Alejandra Rojas, News Reporter

Don Lugo’s Gay Straight Alliance held an all-day silent protest to mirror those who have been permanently silenced by bullying on November 13, 2015.
The protest occurred to help eradicate bullying due to one’s sexual orientation and preference. Their goal is to create a safe environment for the kids who don’t have the support at home or by their peers to truly be themselves. GSA president, Julianna Turner (’16), explains, “There is a tremendous difference between saying people shouldn’t get bullied and actually doing something about it.”
GSA states that they want to change the anti-bullying school system because it’s inefficient. There are some teachers and students who will see bullying and not report it. GSA vice president, Monica Lara (’16), says “the protest was triggered by the fact that Lugo isn’t really a safe environment for anyone.”