Middle School Visit


Brooke Graves, Web Editor-In-Chief

It’s that time of year again! Don Lugo will be having their annual middle school visits. Each year Don Lugo visits Ramona Middle School and Lyle S. Briggs K-8th grade school with a variety of programs to encourage middle schoolers to enroll. This includes sports, clubs, programs and classes that will have the opportunity to reach out directly to the soon-to-be freshmen, so they can learn about their programs.

This experience can be eye-opening as it can excite prospective students about the opportunities and programs that will be available for them at Don Lugo and even give them a head start into joining the activities they are interested in. This unique visit has its perks as instead of talking to only teachers, counselors or advisors, the middle schoolers can talk to actual students who are apart of the program, which allows them to get first hand advice, tips and recommendations for students by students.

These visits will take place at Briggs on February 16th and Ramona on February 22nd. This presentation is only held for the 8th graders at each school and even if they miss this experience they have the chance to once again explore their options at Freshman Night taking place at Don Lugo. High school can be an intimidating step forward for students, but experiences such as these can allow some comfort and a smoother transition into knowing what you can already look forward to once you enter the Don Lugo halls for the first time.