Review: The many flavors of Goldfish Crackers


Goldfish crackers are a well known snack among both children and adults.

Alex Reynolds, Commentary Writer

Goldfish Crackers are one of the most well-known snacks in the United States. You can find them on the shelves of almost any grocery store, and they are a relatively inexpensive option. They are popular among both children and adults, with many people taking some to their school or work. There are 36 unique flavors of Goldfish, some being more well-known than others.
The original cheddar cheese-flavored Goldfish are what most people know. This is the traditional flavor that most people are interested in when Goldfish are mentioned, being an adequate snack to either graze on throughout the day or a good side for your lunch. However, adequate is all they are. They don’t really taste like cheese, and end up just being a cracker. There are many better options to choose from when selecting a Goldfish flavor.
An aforementioned better option would be the flavor blasted cheddar cheese Goldfish. These are typically right next to the traditional Goldfish crackers in the grocery store but are simply overlooked due to their lack of uniqueness. Really, who looks at them in the grocery store and decides to buy the “flavor blasted” version of their favorite snack? For those who have tried them before, it is known that these are significantly better than the original. They are exactly the same, with a notable difference being the sheer amount of cheese flavor on them. While the original tastes like a plain, bitter cracker after eating too many, the flavor blasted version consistently tastes like cheese, and is a much better option if you are looking for the cheesy flavor.
The pretzel Goldfish are also a consideration when you are searching the grocery store shelves. If you are looking for a small pretzel, these are the flavor for you. Otherwise, I advise that you just get a bag of pretzels. These are literally just goldfish shaped pretzels. I myself am not particularly fond of pretzels, but this flavor could be a good alternative for someone who does enjoy them.
Lastly, the sweet versions of Goldfish crackers are also in many grocery stores. They are a unique alternative to the predominantly savory line of Goldfish crackers, and a good choice if you are in the mood for something sweet. Although, I do believe that the company specializes in savory snacks rather than sweet snacks. Their theme of being somewhat bitter continues throughout their line of sweet Goldfish crackers, which can ruin the flavor completely for some people. This flavor is good in its own way, but it is simply mediocre most of the time, and it would be wise to choose a different sweet snack.
While there are many more flavors I could review, these are the ones that are most well-known and seen in local grocery stores. Additionally, I simply cannot afford to buy every single flavor of Goldfish crackers. Overall, this snack’s flavors are all great in their own way and cater to many different demographics. While some may be better than others, the general consensus is a positive one.