Staying safe during the Holidays


Archer Hasson

Happy Holidays clip art created by Archer Hasson

Archer Hasson, News Editor

The Holiday Season should be a fun time as well as a good time to be with family and friends, but something people can forget about is how to stay safe during the holidays. Home invasions, robberies, and theft crimes increase during the month of December due to the lack of safety precautions to homes and the lack of knowledge of what to do if you are being robbed. While the crime rates increase during the holiday season, spending time with the people who bring you joy is just as important as staying safe.

Car Safety

One of the best ways to keep your car safe from vandalism or theft is to park in a well-lighted area and to be sure the doors are locked. Always be sure your windows are completely rolled up and valuables are not in the car. When thieves look into cars to see what is there, if they see a device, cash, a wallet, or even a watch they are more likely to break in. Another good way to protect your car is make sure your car alarm works.

Walking Safely

While walking be alert of your surroundings and check behind yourself to be sure no one is following you. Never walk alone at night or in the dark and stay away from alleyways, entry-ways, large bushes, and stay near the curb. Try to walk a path that you know and be familiar with your surroundings. Always try to walk in larger crowds, but remember to keep a distance from people. Pick-pocketers like to hang around large crowds as well.

Staying Safe at Home

While at home you may feel safe, but you never know when danger will strike. Keeping your curtains and blinds closed can keep thieves from looking into your house. You may want to announce to the world that you’re leaving for Paris, France but you might want to hold off on that announcement. If burglars know you’re out of town and no one is home, you are more likely to be burglarized. So maybe hold off on posting your photos from France.

Now that you know some of the best ways to stay safe this holiday season, have a happy, and safe, winter break.