How inflation and shortages affect student life


Archer Hasson

Photo of two different types of dozen egg prices at Albertsons

Archer Hasson, News Editor

Inflation, according to Oxford Languages, is “a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money”, something that the United States is currently experience price for gas in the county of San Bernardino is $4.397 per gallon, while the average price on December 26, 2022 was $4.155 per gallon. Not even a month later, the average price has gone up about 2ยข. The averaging across the nation. One of the most noticeable prices that have gone up and down is the price of gas. Many students at Don Lugo are independent from their parents when it comes to paying for gas, and a good number of those students are paid through minimum-wage jobs, which are currently paying $15.50 an hour. Senior Ariana Anaya stated, “It’s affected me because I drive and I pay for my own gas. I work for my cousins construction company and it’s just been hard on me financially.”

Gas prices aren’t the only ones rising, however. One that several people have noticed is the rising price of eggs. The average price for a dozen eggs, as stated by the USDA, is $6.72; many stores have been wiped clean of their egg shelves. Many people attribute the egg shortage to the fact that it is colder outside, but that is not the case. There have been many supply chain issues as well as the new bird-flu coming to its peak, the demand for eggs cannot be met when there are not enough chickens producing eggs.

A shortage that directly affects a student’s education is the teacher shortage. Across the nation there have been countless teachers who have left their job for a better position or for a whole different career. At Don Lugo alone, we have lost at least 15 teachers, teacher aids, or staff that work with students on a regular basis; some teachers retired while others left to go to other schools along with several other reasons. While Lugo did gain some teachers, the school lost more than they gained. The shortage of teachers is affecting student education and the way students look at the schools reputation.

With all the inflation and shortages that the nation is experiencing, it is unknown how long the economy will stay the way it is or when it will increase or decrease. Having shortages and inflations is hard and challenging on a student whether it affects how much they pay for gas or the loss of teachers in their schools, the current issues at hand are causing mental and financial burden to students.