Issues brought to light this month


Archer Hasson

Photo of November on the calendar

Archer Hasson, News Editor

The November month has many awareness months such as Native American Heritage Month, Diabetes Awareness Month, and National Homeless Youth Awareness Month. Knowing that, we can bring awareness to the topics dedicated to this month’s awareness starting with Native American Heritage Month.

Native American Heritage Month is a time to learn and appreciate the many different cultures of the Native Americans that lived here before the colonization of the Americas. One way you can participate in this awareness is to research the tribes from tribal-run websites to learn from an accurate website, or visit the Southwest Museum of the American Indian. Some tribes you could do research on are theĀ  Cahullieno, Ho-Chuck, Rappahannock people, and more.

One of the other awareness months for November is National Homeless Youth Awareness. The HYA month, or Homeless Youth Awareness, is a month to bring awareness to how big of an issue homelessness is, especially in the Southern Region of California. In the academic year of 2020-2021 there were 183,312 homeless youth enrolled in public schools in Socal, a bit better than the 2018-2019 school year with 207,677 homeless youth.

This month can also be used to bring awareness to those with diabetes. During Diabetes Awareness Month, people can gain an understanding of diabetes by learning about the types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes is when the body has little to no cells in the pancreas that can create insulin, while type 2 diabetes occurs when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin or doesn’t take well to insulin. This month can be spent to bring awareness to the reality of diabetes.