Did the new start time affect students negatively?

Don Lugo High School bell schedule as of the 2022-2023 school year.

Alyssa Sandoval

Don Lugo High School bell schedule as of the 2022-2023 school year.

Alyssa Sandoval, Managing Editor

When changing the start time, the administrators said that it would produce a positive effect on the students this school year, but did it really? Many could argue that it just let them go to sleep later. This change is inconvenient for most as it has caused many students to have to find a new person to pick them up or drop them off because it conflicts with their guardians’ schedule. The time change does not personally affect me but many believe it was unnecessary and troublesome, especially if they have after-school and/or before-school activities

The people who mainly support this time change are the teachers as they can just drive later but students who rely on parents to bring them to school and home somehow had to figure out a solution before the 2022-2023 school year started. Natalie Garcia, a yearbook and theater club member, said, “I hate it! My mom goes into work at eight [A.M.] so I have to get here every day at 7:50 [A.M.]. It doesn’t change anything for me, I’m still tired.” This statement is true for a lot of students as it has disrupted their usual routines. Biray Sanchez Mora, AP and AVID student, also stated that she has similar feelings; “I’m so tired and I feel like I can’t focus well.” Most students don’t want to be at school longer than they have to be, unless it’s a requirement due to their schedule such as a 0/7 period or participation in sports. On the other hand students like Brooke Graves, cheerleader and AP student, do not worry about the new time. Graves said “It didn’t change anything for me actually so I don’t mind.” Graves also stated that she drives herself to school so this is also an explanation as to why she is not feeling the effects of the new starting time. The change seems to mainly affect students that don’t have the ability to drive themselves to school and subsequently rely on an adult to get around. 

The later start time was to try and improve students’ learning capacities and give them more time to sleep, but it has brought some unwarranted consequences along as well. No one can deny that if you go to sleep earlier and manage your time efficiently this time change WILL help you and increase your capabilities like intended. But this change simply does not take a realistic student’s schedule into account. If the school wants to improve attendance, they should not expect so much from students – especially AP students – if they want their numbers to improve. Students not only have homework to do but some also have to manage sports, affinity groups, and/or a job. These students are not able to sleep “on time” or finish their work early enough to utilize this later start. 

Unfortunately, students do not like or completely understand what is best for them as well. Students will continue to sleep later, procrastinate on their work, and come to school late. There is no solution to this issue as some students will use these changes as leeway for bad habits. However, sleep is something students want and definitely need a lot of but don’t end up getting often because of their rigorous schedules. In the administrators’ minds, the students majorly affected by this change only have homework to do when they get home, but this is far from true for the vast majority of students. When administrators realize that school isn’t the same now as it was before, they will be able to understand students and aid them better.