Car crash on Pipeline Avenue


Photo of the location where the car crash happened. Google Maps, 2022. Chino Street: 1:1.500. Google Maps [online] Available through: Google Maps [Accessed 3 November 2022].

Archer Hasson, News Editor

On Tuesday, October 17, there was a car crash on Pipeline Avenue that involved two cars bringing two different groups of students to Don Lugo. The crash itself had three different cars involved, and the whole story is still a little foggy. All that is known for sure is that the first car was suddenly braking in the middle of the road, the second car was able to stop at about 2-4 feet behind it, so before an impact would have occurred, and the third car was not able to stop which initiated the crash to take place. The reason is unknown as to why the second car was able to stop while the third car was not.

The second car involved was a blue 2013 Ford Fiesta that was being driven by student 1, while the third car involved was a red 2012 Lexus CT being driven by student 2. It was reported that in front of the first car there was a car stopped in the middle of the road and caused the first car to brake unexpectedly. “Reporters are treating this as student driver 2’s fault, even though it wasn’t,” student driver 1 stated. Investigators are looking at his case as an active investigation; no charges to student driver 2 from student driver 1 have been reported. The student drivers were both transporting at least two students each before the crash happened. Knowing as much as we do, investigators should be looking at all the aspects of the incident to determine the next step in this case. Whether it be a licence being temporarily suspended or a more serious consequence.