Why school lunch has changed


Mia Ramirez

This is what the school lunch look like at Don Lugo High School

Mia Ramirez, Review Writer


Every day, students are able to eat lunch provided by the school during their lunch break. You might have noticed that school lunch has changed, this is because students have to eat healthy foods like fruits or vegetables. The lunch ladies change the lunch menu every day and add something different to the menu to vary. The Former First Lady Michelle Obama started this change and joined students for a healthier school lunch with better overall nutritional quality. 

In 2010, Obama required schools to serve the students fruits and vegetables every day, and she offered them more whole grain rich foods and fat-free or low-fat milk. In the early 1900s, Michelle Obama transformed the food pyramid which is known as “Myplate”; this was because the better food softens the stress off the students.

The school served more fruits, vegetables, grains, fat-free or low fat milk, and served less vegetables or food that are high in sodium and trans fat. Regarding the school lunch, the lunch ladies help provide meals everyday and even add new food to the school lunch menu. In the interview, the school lunch ladies mentioned having served lunches for 10 years. 

They make the school lunch healthy because they offer some health benefits and good habits. They now serve proper food portions that reduce saturated fats, trans fat, and sodium. School meals are very nutritious and have diet food for students who are on a diet. The goal of the school lunch is to support healthy habits and help students grow by helping them develop good eating habits.

Healthy lunches are important because when you eat lunch, it raises your blood sugar amount in the median of the day, it gives you the spirit you need for the rest of your day, it empowers you with focus, and it strengthens you for the rest of the afternoon. There are five benefits to being healthy: it supports muscles, makes you live longer, strengthens bones, boosts immunity, and keeps your skin, teeth and eyes healthy.