New skate shop in Chino


Wall of different skate decks available in the shop.

Logan Hugo, Sports Writer

Have you heard of the new skate shop in Chino? Probably not because they haven’t had a sign for their store for the 4 months that they have been open for. No need to worry though, because it is easier to find it now because they have a sign for their store. The skate shop is called Contenders Boardshop and it is in the same shopping center as Target and Advanced Auto Parts located on Pipeline ave in Chino.

Every couple weeks there are new skate decks that are added to the shop. Anti Hero, DGK, Frog, Baker, and Quasi skate decks are some of the decks that are added every couple of weeks to the shop. If none of those decks suit your style they also have their very own decks that are cheaper and the same quality as normal branded decks. All the skate decks in the shop come in sizes ranging from 7.5 all the way to 9. They also have a couple Santa Cruz longboards in the store as well, if cruising is more your style. 

Contenders also have raffles for limited release shoes for people that enter the raffle. Whenever you enter the raffles you have a chance to be able to purchase the shoes if you win. If you need shoes they have them in sizes 7 through 13. The shop also has a wide variety of shirts from different types of skate brands ranging in size from small to large. There are also contenders socks that you can purchase, and different brands of pants that you can also purchase.

Also if you like to fingerboard or you want to know how to fingerboard then they got you to with their selection of Slush Cult fingerboards. Fingerboards are skateboards but they are mini and you use them with your fingers instead of your feet. There are also multiple handmade fingerboard parks that are made by one of the owners of the shop that you can use with your new fingerboard.