Don Lugo Football shows signs of late season win streak



Don Lugo Varsity Football huddling up before there game.

David Fender, Editor-in-Chief

Don Lugo’s football team has experienced a very hard time in their history. We are playing behind a year in which we won a single game out of 10, and missed CIF. Now our team sits with a 2-4 record so far, looking to win our league. “To be honest going into this year I was really excited and had high hopes and practicing in the summer we had a lot of big expectations,” said Austin Brown.

Even now I still feel like we haven’t played to our full potential.

— Austin Brown

Now this is going to be far from easy given the level of competition that we will be facing going into the latter half of the season. The entire team holds high hopes to put up some good numbers going forward. “Our line is trying their best and our defense is playing a lot better now” said Sam Plunkett Now anything will be a huge improvement from last year so showing progress is super important to show our momentum.

Don Lugo will be facing SHHS for our game at 7:30 today. After that we go straight into the league where our record starts at 0-0 once more. As hope still resides in the air for an amazing and strong performance in the league. As football shows some signs of progress it’s important we do our best to support them in their challenging schedule. Since there first “real” game will be next week against a much younger West Covina team. Come and support our team next Friday at home.