‘Tis the season of college applications


Sophia Vasquez

Many students are currently knee-deep in the UC application process. Behind the smiles and joys of being accepted into colleges lies the stresses that come with surviving these college applications.

Sophia Vasquez, Features Editor

College. Application. Season. These three words derive what seems to be a never-ending rollercoaster of emotions for the average highschool student. The excitement, the eagerness of waiting upon your application status can often be overshadowed by the distress and dreadfulness of procrastinating on these applications to begin with. 

Some students are in the process of applying to colleges, while others have already applied. Early admission allows students to apply much earlier than regular admission and receive their results much earlier as well. While critics believe that early admission automatically- sometimes unwantedly- binds students to a school that might not be their top choice of college, supporters will highlight the tried and true appeal for receiving earlier admission decisions. 

Senior Counselor Mr. DeLeon encourages his seniors to apply this year in order to give themselves the option of furthering their education. He claims to have “expected an increase in the number of applicants for the class of 2022 in comparison to last year,” given that the surge in college applications is likely to continue soaring. Mr. Deleon believes that a primary factor as to why students do NOT apply to college is because of financial difficulties, so he stressed the importance of seeking out different forms of financial aid including scholarships, merits, and the FAFSA form. 

Research is one of the most powerful tools, if not the most important when it comes to finding the right college for you. While the vast Internet can be overwhelming, Mr. DeLeon encourages that you start with a simple search: Do you want to stay in California, or would you rather go out-of-state? Do you want to attend a big campus, or would rather attend a school the size of Don Lugo? Do you want to be a car-ride home or a plane-ride away? Questions such as these will allow students to narrow down their choices down and make the right decision for themselves. 

College provides students a better understanding of themselves and a better understanding of their career. By attending college, students experience this new sense of independence and responsibility in the real world, students are more likely to achieve a better paying job, and students can make long-lasting connections with other attendees. Some consider college to be necessary in order to succeed in life, another benefit that is luring more and more students to apply. 

Senior Hailey Ordonez applied to the University of La Verne in time for early admission. She loves that La Verne is local to her home, and regarding the campus itself, Ordonez believes it to be a beautiful campus with an uplifting student culture. Ordonez is completely relieved, much more relaxed after applying for early admissions; she can finally just…BREATHE. 

To her surprise, Ordonez has not only received her acceptance into the University of La Verne within a THREE DAY time span- yes, a THREE DAY time span- but she was awarded the Presidential Scholarship, an award for $26,500 per year for a total of $106,000 for the duration of her undergraduate studies. “I had the intention of applying to this school and that school, but I feel more at ease because I do not have this lingering worry about a college accepting me no longer,” she states. Ordonez has not made her decision yet about where she will continue her education, but she is eager to make a fresh start for herself!

The college application season has come by very fast, but I am completely relieved, more relaxed to have been accepted into La Verne!

— Hailey Ordonez

Saying that Senior Maximus Cantos is excited to attend UC San Diego is an absolute UNDERSTATEMENT. He has been working hard all four years with the intention of applying to UC San Diego. Well, one might ask WHY, why does Cantos want to go to THIS school? He has fallen in love with the city of San Diego ever since he was a young boy, and he now considers it to be his “DREAM school”.

If you know Maximus Cantos and his love for the ocean, then you would understand why he is planning on majoring in marine biology. In fact, one of the reasons why Cantos wants to attend UC San Diego is because of their marine biology program! He claims that “the Scripps Institute of Oceanography is the BEST place to study marine biology; it is right on the beach, so what more can I ask for?” 

As school days are dwindling down, seniors are having to decide their pathway to success after graduation. While some students like Maximus Cantos want their senior year to just SLOW down, others including Hailey Ordonez countdown the days until they can step into the real world, into adulthood. Seniors are soon to enter the next phase of their lives and whether students choose to attend a 4-year university, community college, or even trade school, one must ask themselves: Am I ready?