Morgan Graves is killing the game of volleyball


Photo by Madison Bonadurer

Morgan is soaring higher into the air during her approach, leaving the opposing team frightened as she continues to elevate. Morgan claims that ” the team energy makes me feel alive ; it pushes me to become a better athlete.”

Sophia Vasquez, Features Editor

Morgan Graves. Her name speaks for itself. Stepping on the court with confidence; striding to the attacking line – left, right, left – jumping high into the air, a God-like figure emerging as she leaps; spiking the ball with all of her might, with full force; Morgan is a PHENOM when it comes to the sport of volleyball. 

As of right now, she has managed to reach an average of about 18 kills out of 25 attempts per game for the duration of her FRESHMAN YEAR. Read that again , for the duration of her FRESHMAN YEAR. Graves has reached new heights with only a four-game time span, and her potential to continue growing is never-ending. Ladies and gentlemen, Morgan Graves is just getting started. 

Growing up,  Graves was a dancer for about seven years until her parents decided to put her into volleyball. By nine years old, she was playing her first season of Recreational Volleyball, which in fact to some, Graves would be considered a “late bloomer.” Morgan had a natural talent for the sport at a very young age, and with the addition of determination and enhanced work ethic,  she is now currently playing for the club team Rancho Valley. 

Hard work has given her fame, and that is how Morgan Graves plays the game. Cherry Baylon, the head coach of Varsity Volleyball, describes Morgan as a hard worker, asserting that “whether it’s going to privates, joining beach volleyball, or finding the best clubs to make her better, she is always striving to be the best she can be.” With hard work comes this excitement, this high vibrational energy that she radiates when stepping on the court, propelling Graves forward to play her best, to feel her best, and to be the best. 


I am working hard to not only achieve my personal goals, but to also help the team dominate in CIF.”

— Morgan Graves

With the season already underway, Morgan has a few goals for herself, one of which is “to just have fun because when I am playing relaxed, enjoying myself on the court, I play at a much higher caliber.” Having fun is necessary for all sports because it can help lower stress levels and enhance physical performance. Graves is working hard, playing relaxed in order to help achieve the team’s primary goal: to go far in CIF. Coach Cherry claims that “although she may be the youngest on Varsity, she has become someone that the team can count on when it comes to game-changing plays or needing to put the ball away,” proving how important of a player Morgan has morphed into, proving the dynamic presence she embodies when on the court. 

The BIG question remains: Does Morgan Graves want to play volleyball in college, and if so,  where is she taking her volleyball career next? After much deliberation, she has the intention of playing Division 1 volleyball, particularly at Baylor University or Rutgers University. When talking to Coach Cherry, she believes that Morgan is “definitely capable of achieving a full ride athletic scholarship for a Division I college,” showing the confidence that she has in our star hitter. With her intentions set sky-high to play college volleyball, Morgan is working diligently in order to be granted a spot on the Junior Olympics team for her junior year of high school.