The entire division of football has a noticeable trend of losses


Photo Courtesy: Chloe Austin

Don Lugo’s varsity football team is running out of the tunnel at a game”You can’t coach effort, and the players got to make the plays,” Coach Kim said.

David Fender, Editor-in-Chief

In the wake of the football teams losing streak, it is important to acknowledge that Don Lugo’s football team is not the only team with more losses than wins. The entire division is 4-14 for wins with the best record only being 2-3. This raises the question, why do we see such a noticeable trend of poor performance across all football teams this year?

During the Covid-19 global pandemic, sports were being canceled left and right, and with football being a contact sport they were one of the sports that would end up having no season at all. This, unfortunately, resulted in a lot of football players moving on to other sports and/or quitting altogether which ended up having a detrimental impact on the football program. They are now facing the aftermath of the pandemic this season and they are continuously trying to repair the damage that Covid-19 has caused them. “Your dealing with 16 months of covid then the half season we had last year this is alot of the players first time in this kind of environment,” Coach Curtis said.

If you quit a team you are losing out on alot, football teaches you about life. Football is a great teacher.”

— -Coach Kim

According to Coach Kim, there are going to be many hurdles that the team is going to have to overcome. With last year’s season being canceled this caused a decrease in their playing time on the field which has overall negatively affected the performance of the players. Although, Coach Kim, remains firm on his belief this will not be impossible to overcome. “I think we have a chance. There is no one dominant team in our league and if we give it our all we can make a really good run this year,” Coach Kim said. 

Despite all the obstacles that the Don Lugo football team has been given, if every player steps up and puts in the hard work and the effort needed, the next few years of football are looking hopeful. “Effort will create less error, this creates better football, and that makes a good football team,” Coach Kim said.