Pump Up the Jam at the Hollywood Dance!


Photo by Sophia Vasquez

The invitation for the Hollywood Dance is vibrant and spirited, representing the Hollywood Dance itself, especially with food, photos, and fun guaranteed! Mrs. Encarnacion states that “when you look at one our students, you may just see a person , no different from anyone else. However, when you start to engage with our students, you gain a better understanding of the uniqueness of each special needs student, the special beauty that they all embody.”

Sophia Vasquez, Features Editor

Our very own Hearts and Heroes program is holding the Hollywood Dance this Friday, September 24 from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM at the gym. 

Hearts and Heroes is the club of meaningful friendships, the club of warm hugs and radiant smiles. Members of this program can create long-lasting relationships with our special needs students in order to become more involved on campus. Becoming a “hero” to the hearts of our special needs students represents what we stand for here at Don Lugo:  One School, One Family. 

Hearts and Heroes have held an annual dance for roughly 10 years, with our special needs students given the opportunity to attend a maximum of four dances at different high schools.  Mrs. Encarnacion, the teacher for our special needs students and co-advisor for the Hearts and Heroes Club, claims that “our dances are unique in the sense that everyone is invited, everyone: staff members and faculty, general education students, and other special needs students from various locations.” This represents the inclusivity and friendly welcoming exhibited by the program, as many students are anxiously awaiting to have the ultimate experience with free food, photos, and fun! 

We want this dance to be an opportunity for our special needs students to engage with their peers – peers that will allow our students to enhance their social skills and interactions with others.

— Mrs. Encarnacion

Special needs students can often feel marginalized, isolated from schools because of being misunderstood, perhaps even mistreated for their disabilities. Mrs. Daly, also a teacher for our special needs students and co-advisor for the Hearts and Heroes Club, believes that the importance of these dances is to “gain a better understanding of our students and to develop the patience needed to understand our students for who they truly are.” The Hearts and Heroes program at Don Lugo allows for general education students to establish compassion, consideration, and concern for the disabilities that are endured by special education students on a day-to-day basis.      

Just a reminder that the Hollywood Dance is on September 24 from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM at the gym. Come by and let loose! Who does not jump at the thought of free food, dancing, laughs, and giggles!