Band makes a comeback with debut at milkcan


Photo Courtesy: Faith Tumbos

Band instructor, Mr. Yanik leads band students in breathing and marching exercises. “We work hard and move forward to bring our best,” said Mr. Yanik.

Faith Tumbos, News Reporter

Don Lugo’s Band comes back with school spirit and hope for the upcoming games and competitions. Joining in the school spirit, Band is performing at the upcoming Milkcan, “The Nightengale.” This will be the first band performance of the school year and the first competition will be coming up on October 2nd at Mission Viejo High School.

Kobe Rodriguez, trumpet section leader, is excited for the new competitions to come. He prepares by practicing daily with intense concentration on winning.  “I am excited to be able to be able to perform again, the experience is amazing because you are surrounded with such good people,” said Kobe Rodriguez. He enjoys the energy and the adrenaline rush the competition brings and as a senior, he is ready to prove that Don Lugo has the best band around.

When you are in band you get to be around amazing people and have great experiences.”

— Kobe Rodriguez

Without being able to display the soul and spirit of the band during the 2020-2021 school year due to  Covid-19, 50% of the band team left and had many activities shut down due to the pandemic. As a result, they are more determined than ever, “We lost 50% of our band but I believe it made us closer and stronger as a group,” said Mr. Yanik. 

With the average GPA in-band being a 3.3 and the excitement from, not only the band teacher but also from the students. The band is going to make the three years undefeated title into four. No longer stuck under the strain of Covid-19, the band is getting ready for the competitions heading their way and is excited to play to their hearts’ content.

In 2018-2019 Band received first place at the Ayala Field Tournament, Vista Murrieta Field Tournament, Conquistador Classic, and Trabuco Field Tournament. Showing they are committed to showing Conquistador pride.