Students feel Ready for In-Person Testing


Megan Robinson

Student Form Diagram showing results of how they feel returning to school and doing in-person tests.

Megan Robinson, Features Reporter

Students have been away from face-to-face in-person learning for practically a year. Now that Don Lugo is back and about to return to 5 days of education a week, how do students feel about being with their peers and doing classroom activities? Taking tests? Don Lugo students settled on not being nervous about in-person.With students not having been in the classroom for so long, one would think a toll has been taken. Heaven Love certainly agrees. “I think that going to school is better than online because it is easier to focus in class where the teacher is watching you work rather than being distracted by items around you at home,” the Junior says. Out of the 20 Don Lugo conquistadors asked, 80% felt prepared and very ready for tests.

Students feel even more positive about their grades going up as they return to school. “I learn a lot better in person than over a computer, so when I’ll be able to look over the question I think I’ll be able to work it out better than online,” Logan Wightman, Don Lugo senior, responds. Other students mentioned face-to-face education as more memorable and beneficial as well. Katelyn Robinson, freshman, also feels going in person will help her succeed.

Although many students feel prepared for what their teachers will throw at them, some still have their doubts. “The teacher would let the online test be open notes but most likely not the in-person ones, so yeah, I am a little nervous,” says Malena Villa, Don Lugo Sophmore. She hopes her teachers have plans in store to help make the transition back to regular schooling easier.

When the students surveyed were asked how teachers could help make coming back to school after zooming for so long and in-person tests more fluent, they were quick to have answers. Heaven Love suggests that the teachers remain open-minded and kind to students while testing and David Vargas (Junior) asked for teachers to consider holding one or two open-note tests. 14/20 students questioned on how tests could be more comfortable as they return mentioned having a flashcard or some notes, even though they already felt comfy going in face first. Robinson responded that with review sessions she would feel even more confident.

Don Lugo is very proud of its students for preserving throughout all the challenges this year has added to their plate. With only about 6 weeks left of the 2020-2021 school year, students are advised to keep pursuing for this final stretch and to talk to their teachers for help and confidence about testing.