Don Lugo’s AP Scholars give advice to their fellow peers on succeeding in school


Yesenia Casares

Yesenia Casares, Ap Scholar, is awarded in the National Honor Society

Megan Robinson

Don Lugo has a lot of amazing students and the AP scholars are among the most impressive. An AP Scholar is a student who has received an award from College Board for outstanding performance on multiple AP exams.

To achieve the AP Scholar with Honor Award, advanced placement students must score a 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and grades of three or higher on at least four of these tests. By finishing at least three AP Exams with grades of three or higher, students can fit the bill for the AP Scholar Award. Don Lugo’s AP scholars give advice to all the students at Don Lugo on how to achieve just that.

Don Lugo’s 2020-2021 scholars include Jingran Zhang, Yesina Cazares, Jazlyn Contreras, Angel Padilla, Emely Rodriguez, Bruin Salmon, Cesar Muniz, Erynne Jones, and Adilene Cisneros Lopez. All of these people have demonstrated an extraordinary work ethic and time management skills.

However, it certainly was not easy. Emely Rodriguez shares that “It has been very difficult for me since I have to balance my schoolwork, job, and responsibilities at home, and there have been times where I feel unmotivated to do anything at all and just feel burned out.” She advises other students who also want the award, “To those who want to achieve the same, I would say to put your mental health first since you can’t do your best if you’re not at your best. Then, from there, make sure you do all your assignments and study up for your tests, and don’t be afraid to communicate with your teachers, they all want what’s best for you.”

Especially with being stuck at home due to COVID-19, motivation has failed many of Don Lugo’s students. The scholars collectively related to the lack of inspiration, but all seemed to suggest keeping a positive attitude, create a schedule, and break up goals to keep from getting overwhelmed. Some scholars even deleted social media to have the distractions further away and to focus all of their energy on being the best they could be. The students also recommended to occasionally just step away and look outside their window and take a breath of fresh air.

“Make sure you do all your assignments and study up for your tests, and don’t be afraid to communicate with your teachers.” – Emely Rodriguez

The scholars suggested taking the AP Classes, saying it helped them overall get a better grasp on life and helping with the future. 83% of the scholars agree that the harder classes did not take up too much of their time. Cesar Muniz says, “Depending on the course, completing the homework was time-consuming, but if you are organized and know how to manage your time, you will have plenty of time left over for other activities.”

The AP Classes taken by these scholars ranged from AP Calculus AB, BC to Biology and English Literature and helped all of them grow in many different ways. Their effort is inspiring and Don Lugo cannot wait to see where these students will go and the AP scholars believe all Don Lugo students have the potential to achieve the same.

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