High School Students perspective on the January 6th Capitol attack


Photo Courtesy: Pixels.com

The Washington D.C capital stands tall. This is the capital prior to the attack that Americans led on January 6th.

Cheyanne Jauregui, Features Editor

On January 6, Americans from all over the country witnessed a tragic day for the future of American democracy. Americans gathered at Washington D.C to pressure Congress into reversing Joe Biden’s electoral victory so current President Donald J. Trump would get another 4-year term. This quickly turned sideways and became an attack on the capitol which Congress subsided in.

Many students heard about the capital attack in class, from teachers, and on social media platforms. This would go down in American history and they were witnessing it. Students from all sides of the political spectrum voice how disappointed they are in what took place in their own home: America.

Trump supporters were gathered at the capital protesting for President Donald Trump’s victory and Joe Biden’s loss. This turned into people pushing through law enforcement, vandalizing the capital, and left 5 people dead. As all of this was happening while members of Congress were in the building barricading the doorway. If it turned out any other way, worst-case scenario, all of Congress would be dead. Juliet Woolery, says, “This is an embarrassment to America, to what our ancestors fought for, to the nation that our people built.”

Students express how it should have never gotten to the point that Congress was in fear of their lives. The rioters should not have even been able to enter the capitol building while Congress was in session. This occurred because they were severely understaffed. There should have been more police officers at the capitol, “it was unacceptable considering it wasn’t an unannounced protest.”Christian Hartson says.

There are many differing opinions regarding if Donald Trump encouraged the attack but what is abundantly clear is the House pressing charges on President Trump with the incitement of insurrection due to what happened, leaving him to be the only President to be impeached twice.

Tyrants cause tyranny if not handled immediately, that is the foreseeable future in my eyes. This is apart of fascism. “If you do not support us, you are our enemy.”

— Juliet Woolery

Juliet Woolery, a sophomore, says, “This is purely unacceptable. The people who took it upon themselves to act upon the notion, implication, or wish of a high ranking being should’ve known better.”

The whole occurrence was described as “hypocritical” by many of the students interviewed. The Washington D.C protest consisted of Trump Supporters and they are known for supporting law enforcement and speaking out against the Black lives matter riots in 2020. Vanessa Barrios, a junior, was disappointed to hear Americans that claim to be patriotic and support law enforcement do the opposite by vandalizing the capital, assaulting officers, and killing 5 people which is everything they advocated against. Juliet Woolery, says, “Why was THIS the outcome, hinted at by the president and acted out by the people who support him.”

“The way this country is headed we might never have any sort of peace.” An anonymous junior says. The younger generations are the future and many of them are in fear of where the country is heading, rightfully so. Vanessa Barrios expresses her worry and says, “I feel like in the next four years it is going to be normal to riot, and it is still going to be very divided.” It is going to be very important that the next leader will bring healing to the people and repair the country especially if these younger generations have a chance at a good future.

What took place on January 6th was a horrible tragedy that should never be repeated. The citizens of the United States need to be united more than ever. When people become divided and less united as a country that is when the downfall of a great nation happens. “What happened is not how we do things, it’s not who we are, and its definitely not who we should try to be.” Christian Hartson says.