Don Lugos 2020-2021 yearbook will be completely different and historical

This is the cover of the 2020-2021 year book. An inside scoop for students is there is going to being a special effect on the cover. Make sure to buy one before they run out so you can see what it is!

Photo Courtesy: Mrs. Deming

This is the cover of the 2020-2021 year book. An inside scoop for students is there is going to being a special effect on the cover. Make sure to buy one before they run out so you can see what it is!

Cheyanne Jauregui, Features Editor

The yearbook has been a staple of putting an end to a high school year. Everyone pre-orders one, flips through, checks to see if they see themselves or any of their friends on a page. But with this year being one of the strangest and most difficult years we’ve faced, a yearbook for 2020 is definitely going to be one to remember.

Students are not attending school physically. Sports, clubs, and high school events have been canceled, so this begs the question, what is this yearbook going to consist of, and is it worth buying?

A complete transformation is going to happen with the yearbook that nobody will be expecting. New yearbook advisor Mrs. Deming and the staff have created a completely new idea for the yearbook that everybody can look forward to. Recently a lot of students have had to deal with a lot of change so it is hard to imagine more change. Fortunately, this is a change everyone can be excited about. Camila Aguero Salas, the managing editor, says, “It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen before.” She describes this yearbook as “the unexpected,” “different,” and “new,” and she goes on to say that students will look forward to flipping through the pages of this yearbook.

Students will have fun looking through a yearbook that’s different and not like one they’ve ever read before.”

— Camila Aguero Salas

It is not going to be photo-heavy this year because of everything being virtual. This can be confusing for a lot of students and staff because yearbooks are known for all the pictures that are taken throughout the year. You will see fewer pictures but this yearbook has a bigger picture and tells a bigger story than people may expect.

So much has happened recently for a story not to be told would be an injustice to all the students at Don Lugo. This year is historical. It is going to go down in history for so many different reasons and you will have this book for the rest of your life to show people. You got through it, you made it, and you have something that tells your story.

So many historical events have occurred in this school year, for example, the election, the black lives matter movement, and COVID-19. You can expect all these important events to be in the yearbook. In comparison to previous yearbooks, it will not be in chronological order so do not expect pages dedicated to sports, performing arts, or clubs. All the cancellations this year made it impossible to do.

Instead, the yearbook team has conjured up an amazing idea that the yearbook will be sectioned into seasons with blended coverage of what happened in those seasons. They have taken the four seasons, summer, winter, autumn, and spring, and have created beautiful templates and color coordinations with those seasons.

We want to capture as many students voices as we possibly can. To share their feelings, thoughts, or something they achieved. We really want to put that in the yearbook and let their voices be heard.”

— Jessica Martinez

The theme of the yearbook is ‘Only’. This message conveys two things; it’s okay to be the only one because you are doing something amazing or despite what you think you are not the only one that feels this way, thinks this way, or believes this thing. There are many students that have had accomplishments that are unique to them. It’s important to celebrate these accomplishments and let their stories be told. On the flip side, it also encompasses how Don Lugo is united as one school and one family and it celebrates the unique school body as a whole. This vision is so important, especially in these dark times.

You have gone down in history. You survived. You made it through. Thanks to the hardworking yearbook staff you have something to prove it. The yearbook shows everything you have been through. It shares students’ stories that are unique to only them and lets you know you are not the only one. Deming says, “The overall message is whether you think you are the only one or you are the only one at the end of the day you are still apart of Don Lugo and Don Lugo is one school and one family.”

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