CVUSD School Board Has Eight Candidates for Three Seats on the Nov 3 Ballot

Chino Valley Board candidates have conference in Zoom. Photo Courtesy of Chino Valley Chamber (

Diego Cruz, Sports Editor

In an interview with the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce, Publisher of the Chino Champion, Will Fleet, hosts a one and half hour debate-style interview for community voters to hear more about the candidate’s running for trustee positions on the Chino Valley Unified School District School Board.

The school board has three open seats for voters to consider on the Nov. 3 ballot. The interview provided each candidate with a two-minute opening statement, a question and answer session, a round-robin question, and answer session, and a two-minute closing statement. Eight candidates are running this year, for which two incumbents are up for re-election:

  1. James Na (Incumbent)
  2. Andrew Cruz (Incumbent)
  3. Dr. Havaughnia Hayes-White
  4. Jody Moore
  5. Sylvia Orozco
  6. Don Bridge
  7. Vincent Colleta
  8. Tony Flores

The Zoom interview opening statements began with Candidate Jody Moore who is a Chino resident and pastor whose daughter just graduated from Ayala High School during these unprecedented times.  Moore expressed the challenging times our community and nation are facing and believes that “those who suffer the most are the weakest among us…and that includes our children,” said Moore.






Vincent Colleta, a Chino resident who has a child who attends school in the district and is “tired of turning into the board meeting only to see another reality show,” said Colleta. Vincent Colleta communicated his frustrations with the district being sued for violating the United States Constitution. Colleta is transparent in his opening remarks and says he is “sick and tired of seeing unhinged rants at meetings along with behavior that only enables it.” Colleta believes science and social studies are minimized from the elementary school curriculums. Colleta expressed his desire to work with fellow members to…model the quality that we hope to teach.”


Incumbent James Na is a Chino Hills resident and small business owner who is hoping to serve his thirteenth year on the board and wants the children of the district to flourish. Na claims that one of the biggest issues facing the district is “properly managing the budget to ensure that excellent opportunities will always be provided to students.” Na supports music, sports, arts, campus clubs, and other extracurricular activities and believes that “the best education involves building intelligence and good character.”


Lifetime resident and Chino High School Alumni, Sylvia Orozco is returning tore-election after a two-year hiatus. Orozco served the community for 12 years, and prides herself on the ability to listen to the community, research issues, and stay informed. She has found herself continuing to follow school board issues because her passion for education and serving the community has not diminished. “I believe it’s critical for experienced leadership, and I’m better prepared to serve with the experience I’ve gained over the 12 years on the board,” expressed Orozco. She is committed to putting children first.


Former teacher leader at Don Lugo and Ayala High School for 33 years and the candidate supported by the Association of Chino Teachers, Don Bridge is familiar with all aspects of the administrative duties, groups, and offices at the district level. Don Bridge wants to advocate and support safe healthy classrooms due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is prepared to help “return students safely back to campuses,” says Bridge. He communicated his support for proper technology for online and eventual blended learning classrooms and expressed a concern that all students have access to technology at home and in schools.


Incumbent Andrew Cruz is a 23-year resident and 22-year veteran teacher whose children attended Chino Valley Unified. Cruz expressed his concern that children need to move forward with independence, confidence, and courage, and that the coronavirus pandemic has, “stolen our children’s school experiences, their memories with their friends and teachers…getting our kids back to normalcy is vital.”  Cruz is forthcoming in his conviction that he is “not going to let this virus dominate our lives!” Cruz communicated that he will be strong in serving the school district.


Tony Flores is a Chino resident with two elementary-age children currently attending schools in the Chino Valley Unified School District. Flores believes he can bring a parent perspective and high engagement factor to work within a service to move the community forward. He is concerned with the district’s current ADA funding and that getting students to school, on time, should be a priority.



Five-year Chino Hills resident and Induction Program Mentor Teacher and Community College Professor, Dr. Havaughnia Hayes-White has served the area of special education for over 20 years. She is an invested stakeholder in the community. She is passionate about “unbiased, impartial, ethical public service” and made it clear that she is “ready to serve.”


The complete video interview can be found on the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce Facebook page. Community members on the site have already expressed opinions about the importance of voting for the school board during a time where so many more decisions and considerations need to be made.