Seniors share how they feel about being in the dark regarding senior activities


Photo Courtesy: DonLugoHigh

A “We are finally seniors c/o 2021” poster is posted on the wall at the school. Students created posters to welcome the seniors back to school.

Cheyanne Jauregui, Features Editor

On August 10th, after the summer break, students came back to school fully virtual for the 2020-2021 school year. It was and has continued to be a pester to students. There has been a multitude of hardships as we took learning from the classroom to online. Sacrifices have been made and continue to do so. Unfortunately, the senior class is arguably losing a lot more than any other grade on campus causing a lot of uncertainty and disappointment among them. As of now, they are in the dark.

There are many privileges that come with reaching your senior year of high school. The school organizes senior activities for the seniors to participate in so their last year at Don Lugo is the most memorable. These activities include senior retreat, prom, and graduation. Sadly, due to Covid-19 seniors are unsure if they are going to happen. This is due to them not yet being informed by the school. 

Seniors anticipate senior retreat every year leading up to their senior year. The senior retreat is a trip that seniors take up to the mountains and do various activities with their friends and classmates. As of now, the seniors do not know if they are going to be able to experience this trip that they have waited for.

Which is obviously disappointing for the seniors if it is not able to happen. They are yearning for answers and being in the dark on this topic is difficult. Ana Nieves, a senior, states, “I just kind of wish they communicate more with us.” She explains how all her senior friends would tell her stories every year about their experience, so it is clear to say she has been looking forward to it since freshman year. Not knowing whether or not it is going to happen is disappointing. She urges the administration and says, “Give us a heads up at least. So we don’t get our hopes up for the impossible to happen.”

I feel like each day it gets harder and harder to have motivation to keep going especially since nothing really seems to be getting better.”

— Ellie Garcia

Prom is a big step in the seniors’ farewell from high school before graduation. They get to formally dress up and have fun with friends that they might not see after they graduate. Covid-19 has brought a lot of uncertainty among seniors on whether this is going to happen.

It is only the beginning of the year but not hearing anything about whether or not prom is going to happen makes them fearful because they have already lost a lot. Ellie Garcia, a softball and volleyball athlete at Don Lugo, says, “I think the uncertainty of not having prom is definitely not a good feeling considering this is supposed to be my last prom ever but there’s been so many let downs, I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t a prom.” She expresses that she understands administration is also in the dark about these activities. Although, she would appreciate if they could try their best to make prom a possibility for seniors, even if they have to abide by social distancing guidelines.

Students have anticipated graduation for twelve years. They envisioned their name being called as they walk across the stage to receive their high school diploma. Due to Covid-19 students are unsure if it is going to happen the way they imagined.

There is a long time to go until graduation but students are still on the edge. Covid-19 is unpredictable so they have no idea what the future holds. JT Cortinas, a football and baseball senior athlete at Don Lugo, explains how being in the dark on whether graduation is going to be traditional or a drive through graduation is hard because he sympathizes with the parents.

He says, “It’s gonna suck for the family members. I’m thinking more about them because they’ve waited so long, just to see their child graduate from high school and walk across that stage. Now, we might not even get that.” He states that he does not blame the administration and appreciates the hard work they continuously continue to put in for the class of 2021.

What I would say to the administration is to try not to make any unsure promises because I know that nobody knows when this is actually going to end.”

— Marius Tadd Williams

Since the school year has started seniors have been in the dark. They are trying to take it day by day because Covid-19 continues to interrupt our daily lives. They have long ways to go until they find out if their senior activities are going to happen. Holding out hope through this troubling time is vital for the seniors as they persevere even though it can feel like there is no joy in senior year anymore. It can be scary, confusing, and agitating blindly going through senior year with little to no knowledge of what is going to happen but right now it is all they can do.