CVUSD board votes on sports and special ed

CVUSD board votes on sports and special ed

Diego Cruz, Managing Editor

As the Chino Valley Unified School District is still unsure how the rest of the year is going to pan out as for sports and activities, board members had to make some decisions in which would impact the rest of the school year.

On Thursday October 15, people involved around Chino Valley were anxious to see the decisions the school board had to make for sports and activities potentially returning along with the approval of learning in person for the Special Ed department.

The topic at hand started with sports, and how conditioning and practicing protocols would be taken place along with a vote between the 5 board members for conditioning to return. With over 150+ comments to persuade the board to vote on beginning athletics from teachers, parents and students, the board had voted 5-0 to bring back conditioning for sports teams in cohorts of 16 players assigned to 1 coach. Although it may seem small, CVUSD gave the interpretation that sports are coming back soon.

The next topic of discussion was allowing kids with special needs to return back to in-person instruction in cohorts. The board discussed the issue along with comments from parents within the CVUSD district and came to the conclusion that Special Ed will take an in-person approach effective immediately coming to a very close 3-2 vote with the deciding factor being Irene Hernandez Blair. With this vote being more controversial, it seemed as if many people in the district who gave their take on this topic were on both sides which essentially could’ve been another reason as to why it was evenly split between the board members.

Although many topics become unanswered and very little details have emerged, it is clear that CVUSD is taking little steps to returning back to where we were 7 months ago and more is to come.