BREAKING NEWS: Big tech corporation Amazon officially runs out of toilet paper


Amazon consumers are seeing the “currently unavailable” message when looking for toilet paper.

Aiden Deming, Tech Reporter

Big tech corporation in delivery services, Amazon, has now officially run out of toilet paper. Amazon displays “currently unavailable” and “temporarily out of stock” messages to Amazon consumers. Currently, there is no news regarding when Amazon will restock its supply of toilet paper, as well as other toilet paper retailers.

Any toilet paper left is being sold through price gouging. Shipping options show that the soonest an order of toilet paper will arrive is March 25.

In an interview with CNBC, Consumer Psychologist Paul Marsden at the University of the Arts London, identifies that consumers are engaging in shopping hysteria known as “retail therapy” and that society is attempting to manage their emotional state by “taking back control in a world where they feel out of control,” he explained.

Cottonelle shows a “currently unavailable” message to Amazon consumers who are desperate enough to obtain toilet paper no matter the cost.

With all of the interest in toilet paper, the current state of the stock market is crashing despite recent injections of federal capital money in order to deter it. With the financial crisis brought on by the Coronavirus, nations, stores, and retailers have advised citizens and shoppers to not overbuy on hand sanitizers, canned food, and especially toilet paper.

While the CDC communicates to Americans the state of emergency and presents the crisis of the coronavirus as an urgent matter, President Trump continues to assure Americans that the coronavirus is under control. Regardless, the message from the White House still remains to people to remain calm and hope for the best in the coming days.