How theater prepares for the lip sync battle


Angela Gutierrez

The students are constantly preparing for the show and hold practice after school sometimes. Andreia Sales is teaching the choreography and making sure it looks great for show day. “I feel pumped about Lip Sync Battle!” (Jennifer Rubio)

Angela Gutierrez, Performing Arts Reporter

Many theater kids explained that determination, good energy, a positive attitude, and some dancing skills are all important elements an actor should pertain when it comes to putting on a production like the Lip Sync Battle. The theater department and everyone involved with the show are continuously making preparations and working towards perfecting their performance. All three of the teams are making progress with their acts and each team member is full of excitement.

When observing the teams in action one could truly see how much each group has worked together on each choreography. During one of their after school practices Andreia Sales was teaching the performers the opening piece and the actors were diligently following along. During the after school practice the amount of positive energy radiated was significant and showed how each of the students genuinely were excited to be a part of this production.

Going over choreography and clarifying movement helps the performers learn the dance. Andreia Sales, thespian president, is running through the opening piece with counts to make sure everyone is on count. “Let’s take it from the top!” (Andreia Sales)

Each team has their own time to practice and even meet up at each other’s homes to make sure they have enough time to practice as a group. Each performer is committed to their team and put in the work needed to make sure their team is ready for show night. The Lip Sync Battle production has become such a staple piece of the theater department that even students on campus who aren’t in theater decided ┬áto audition and be a part of the show.

One of these students being Jennifer Rubio, a junior, who has been a part of Lip Sync Battle for two years now and has participated in previous productions. Jennifer explained that she enjoys being involved and stated, “I love the atmosphere in theater.” Jennifer along with many other theater students look forward to seeing the crowd’s reaction to their choreography and song choices.

I decided to do Lip Sync Battle again because it’s very fun and the people make it a memorable experience.”

— Alexis Lozoya

The theater department is working hard and hopes all their preparations pay off in the end. They hope to put on a memorable show that the audience will love and appreciate.