Jock of All Trades – The Deal: “Long Beach’s Latest Dirtbag, Connor Burns!” (Ep 10)

Visit Quest News on Sound Cloud to hear our podcast show, Jock of All Trades hosted by Diego Cruz and Gary Carcia.

Edward Lillie

Visit Quest News on Sound Cloud to hear our podcast show, “Jock of All Trades” hosted by Diego Cruz and Gary Carcia.

Edward Lillie, Diego Cruz, and Gary Garcia

Did you miss what happened this week in sports on campus? Join Diego Cruz and Gary Garcia, Quest New’s Sports Editor and number one Sports Writer, as they sit down and stack the deck (summarize) for every sports game that happened Monday through Wednesday and as they make their predictions for the upcoming games on Thursday and Friday. Sit down and listen this week as Diego Cruz sits down with the Long Beach State’s latest Dirtbag, Connor Burns.

Diego Cruz ran a one-on-one interview with newly committed baseball catcher, Connor Burns. The up and coming Long Beach Dirtbag, Connor Burns let us know what it meant to be a Dirtbag and how appreciative he is of the staff and coaches over at Long Beach State University. Being one of the main captains of the Varsity Baseball team, Connor Burns wants to continue the momentum from last year’s season (24-7).

Even if they might be scared about some competition, the Don Lugo Varsity Baseball team will be coming out swinging in this new season. They’ll be coming out of the gate, swinging to the fences. Connor Burns sets the examples of how to help and how to run the field like you own the place, and how to conduct the best team chemistry. Looking at the bigger picture, he wants his baseball career to lead him to the big league as he talks his dreams of becoming a professional Major League Baseball (MLB) player after four years of being a Long Beach State, Dirtbag!

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