Attention all students, ROP is available now!


Edward Lillie

The career center is the the place Don Lugo students can go to get any information needed for the ROP classes offered in the district. Any further information about ROP enrollment can be found in the career center in Ontario or by calling the number they provide you.

Branden Garcia, Reporter

Any students interested in taking classes after school to gain extra credits, ROP is now available. The schedule is out now and any class you take will give you elective credits. Students can stop by the career center during lunch or after school to sign up for one of the many classes ROP has to offer.

Branden Garcia
Flyer for Firefighting Technology ROP class that offers 15 credits

Classes range from Saturday Gardening classes to Tuesday and Thursday emergency services classes. With such wide variety of classes to choose from any student can find the right class for them. If students are falling behind on elective credits ROP classes are a great way to to make them up, and if students would like to get ahead on classes ROP can give the extra credit they want.

Mrs. Hernandez from the career center stated “ROP classes offer free bus passes to students without transportation to the class.” She also mentioned “There are still openings for a veterinary assistant, and Buena Vista is still accepting students for their retail Marketing class.” Further your education and skills with ROP!