Don’t Forget Grad Night!


Alessandra Verdugo

2020 year poster on campus. Only a few more months before seniors graduate and lead their own lives.

Alessandra Verdugo, News Reporter

Time is running out! If interested, students must make sure to buy a ticket for Grad Night before February 1st. They can take advantage of this opportunity to have fun with their fellow seniors again after graduation.

Grad Night is an important event for many because it is a senior’s last chance to be with their class, friends they’ve had when they arrived in high school, and new friends they’ve made along the way. When asked what seniors will miss out on grad night, Patty Vizcaino from attendance responds “They’re going to miss out on hanging out with their friends for one last time.”

Alessandra Verdugo
Attendance office sign where you can find more information about Grad Night. Talk to Patty Vizcaino in attendance.

Food will be provided as well as drinks, prizes, and many other activities to make lasting memories with. However, phones will not be allowed and will be confiscated if seniors are seen with them. The location of where Grad Night will take place in is a secret, and seniors will have to come along to find out! Ticket prices are on the Don Lugo website. Come and have fun, you won’t regret it!