Jock of All Trades – The Draw Out: “Don Lugo vs Diamond Bar” (Ep 2)


Edward Lillie

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Edward Lillie, Diego Cruz, and Gary Garcia

Did you miss the game that took place under the Friday Night lights? Join Diego Cruz and Gary Garcia, Quest News’ Sports Editor and number one Sports Writer, as they sit down and run the plays for every sports game that happened on Friday. Sit down and listen this week as they give their play-by-play breakdown of the game that took place November 1, 2019 between Don Lugo’s Conquistadors and Diamond Bar’s Brahmas in the final varsity game to qualify before CIF.

Gary opens up the discussion about the win-or-go home scenario for the Don Lugo Conquistadors. As over a majority of the season, the Conquistadors have faced suffocating loss after loss games while only recently picking wins against Montclair High School on October 18 and against Chino High School in the Milk Can 2019 on October 25. So after retaining the Milk Can for the fourth year in a row yet also suffering a heavy and sad season, did the Conquistadors have what it takes to defeat the Diamond Bar Brahmas?

A back and forth game that contained much needed defense and offense between the two teams. Explaining the plays that took place each quarter, what the players did right and what the players did wrong. Not only critiquing the players on the field, but also critiquing their predictions of what they thought was going to happen; as made on Jock of All Trades – The Deal. Isolating players such as Mackenzie Aguilera with a two time-out decoy, the Don Lugo Conquistadors ended up picking up the victory. Moving to the CIF Season, Don Lugo’s Varsity Football will be going against Burbank High School in their first round after winning the coin flip.

So, whether you want the lowdown on all things Don Lugo sports or you want to hear where the hosts’ predictions went right or wrong; Quest News’ Sports Podcasting show, Jock of All Trades – The Draw Out with hosts Diego Cruz and Gary Garcia every Monday on Soundcloud and iTunes!