Milkcan week has kicked off!


Anthony Luna

Lugo Takes Milkcan for 3rd straight year. Don Lugo Varsity Football Team celebrating Milkcan win in Don Lugo Gym. “Strong win against our rival, we look to carry on for our league final” -Coach Gano (Photo Courtesy of: Anthony Luna via Facebook)

Gary Garcia, Sports Reporter

Milkcan week has been a hyped-up success as our conquistadors showed their spirit across the campus. The long-running rivalry was the talk of the Chino community. For over 30 years, Chino High School and Don Lugo High School have played for the annual rivalry matchup and we all hope for an action-packed game.

Here at Don Lugo, we have a spirit week to get everyone full of school spirit before the game. The week kicked off with neon day on Monday where everyone wore neon, Tuesday, students wore cow print, Wednesday was VSCO day where students dressed up as VSCO girls, Thursday was meme day, where everyone dressed up as their favorite meme, and finally, Friday, students wear the school colors to support Lugo. There is also a lunchtime pep rally on Friday in the gym to rally against Chino wrapping up the spirit week.

It was also an action-packed week in sports. Wednesday started the activities with a Don Lugo vs. Chino High staff basketball game. The game consisted of teachers, School Resource Officers, and counselors from each school on each team. The Chino staff took the win on Wednesday night going 34-28 as they took the milk jug away from Lugo for the 1st time. Although the game hasn’t been talked about around town, it gives students a chance to get amped up for Friday as their spirits will carry on to the Milkcan game.

Don Lugo faces off against Chino in annual staff game. History teacher and former basketball coach, Mr. Belloso attempting to shoot a free throw. “I’m not the same from when I was 29 now I’m 31 so I’ve lost a little bit of my game.”(Photo Courtesy of: Diego Cruz)

On Friday, October 25 at 7 PM, the annual Milkcan game will take place at Don Lugo High School. Don Lugo has won the past three years. Last year, Don Lugo won with a score of 35-0 at the half, although the game got rained out due to there being a rainstorm that consisted of lightning, heavy winds, and heavy rain, the game was still an exciting event that featured many thrilling moments.

This year it’s more than just a game, giving the fans and students a chance to fire “shots” towards the teams from both high schools. This has ranged from making posters that get leaked on social media to roast the other high school or even taking it as far to making group chats to spread the roasts. Players on the team have different opinions on Chino High School, Jojo Galindo, a junior captain on the team, was asked what his attitude against Chino was and he replied, “I love chino, I have nothing wrong with them, I went to school with everyone there so they are family to me as well.” Although he is confident his team will win though by a score of 37-7.

Don Lugo fires shots towards Chino students for Milkcan. Don Lugo leadership makes poster for Milkcan of recent scores of past years rivalry games. “It’s funny how students get involved in such ways to get their point across.” -Mr. Belloso (Photo Courtesy of: Gary Garcia)

This year Chino has a record of 3-5 with an 0-3 record in league, and Lugo has a 2-6 record with a 1-2 record in league. Chino averages 18.9 points per game while Lugo averages 16.1 points per game. Chino also has a high total yards per game average with 268.3 yards while Lugo averages 154.5 yards. Although it may seem like Chino has the upper-hand coming into this heated matchup, Lugo has been bringing the energy every practice to ensure this rivalry game will be an exciting one to remember. Rene Vasquez, a senior captain on the team, was asked what his mindset is going into this game and he stated,”My mindset is to let them know who the better team is.” He is confident his team will win this game by a score of 35-14.

This year’s match up looks to be an exciting one but Lugo also has more on the line. If Lugo wins the next two games of league they will advance to the playoffs. It is more than just the Milk Can to them, make sure to get your tickets to Milkcan and support your team!