Physics Club: Einsteins in training


Saslaya Baca

Physics project in Mr.Woods classroom. Photo Courtesy of Saslaya Baca.

Valerie Torres, News Editor

Don Lugo has always been a home for unique programs such as the agriculture and engineering academies, and the Physics club is one of them. The club president, Aiden Deming, was inspired to form the club so he could find like-minded people who have an interest in physics and who are open to have discussions about it. The club is always looking for new lovers of physics to join in on their weekly discussions.

The reason why I did this was to find people who are like me.”

— Aiden Deming

Club meetings are in room 206 at lunch every Thursday, where club members can propose new ideas such as what makes up the universe and its meaning, and discuss these topics and more with the club. Club members may be asked to do research on modern physics theories and share their findings with other members. Discussions focus on theoretical physics and similarly niche topics, but the club is open to new topics if suggested by a member. “What if?” questions about certain ideas relating to physics can be brought up during meetings to start a healthy form of debate, without anyone putting each other down with nonfactual evidence or personal attacks.

Mr. Woods teaching his physics students. Photo Courtesy of Saslaya Baca.

Aiden feels as if not enough people are talking about physics on campus and often get his club confused with LEAD. The Physics club will not tolerate troublemakers who do not plan on benefiting club activities and the club in general. The club hopes to gain regular members with open minds and new ideas to keep the clubs spirit alive.

If students are interested in any of the topics mentioned previously, or similar topics in science, they should check out the Physics club!  Everyone is welcome, as long as they have an open mind and aren’t going to cause trouble.  There is no need for a doctorate in physics, just an interest in the topic and a willingness to learn.

I’m still trying to figure out how physics work but when I do… I am king.”

— Aiden Deming