Sports remedies Lugo athletes use to recover


Photo Courtesy of: Gary Garcia

Gary Garcia, Sports Writer

Remedies are various methods of recovery used by many people who genuinely enjoy living a healthy lifestyle, soothing aching muscles or otherwise keeping your body loose. More commonly, they treat athletes that suffer from aches, bruises, or injuries. Remedies help athletes endure the pain and usually each athlete enjoys their own specific remedy over another to help heal and rejuvenate.

These recovering techniques may also be based on an injury an athlete suffers. One remedy may be better than others for an athlete, depending on the strain they have suffered. Bumps and bruises might need ice over another remedy such as a massage, whereas soreness and aches might need a massage over another remedy such as an ice bath.  

Athletes at Don Lugo also use remedies before and after games. Remedies may differ based on which sports they play: wrestling and football, which are some of the most physical sports an athlete can play, may require remedies that help heal their whole body such as massages and ice baths. Even if they aren’t as violent, plenty of sports played at Don Lugo are using recovering remedies.

Joshua “J.T.” Cortinas, a baseball player here at Don Lugo, was asked what some of his favorite remedies are and he answered, “My favorite remedy to use is to do ice baths and to put biofreeze wherever I am sore or hurting at that time.” Biofreeze is used commonly with baseball players because the gel is easier to rub into their biceps, triceps, elbow, shoulder, or any other spots on their arms.

Don Lugo football’s starting receiver and cornerback, Rene Vasquez, was asked if he used any remedies and he stated, “Yes, I’ve used ice baths and massages. The ice relaxes my muscles and make my muscles feel relieved and loosen up so the body can take its time to heal and recover.” Rene was also asked if he believes remedies are necessary for any athlete and he stated, “Yes because it helps the recovery process, and I believe it makes athletes perform better when the body is right.”

Photo Courtesy of: Rene Vasquez

Even Water Polo players have begun using these recovering methods by stretching after each and every game to avoid sore muscles and aching body parts. According to Coach Enrique, “Stretching is the most effective way to keep the body loose after a game, especially in water polo.”

The most important way to recover and one of the most natural remedies is sleep. Sleep is well needed amongst student athletes here because of how hard they work both in the classroom and outside of the classroom on the court, in the pool, in the diamond, and on the field. With so much going on, student athletes need their mind and body to be well-rested to wake up with enough energy to work hard every day and every night.

Young athletes must endure natural remedies such as ice baths, massages, and even acupuncture. All these remedies help athletes clear their mind and reduce stress, while also physically preparing these young athletes for whatever challenges they may face on their path to success. Overall, athletes build great habits by having a regularly used remedy to help recover spiritually and physically to keep them healthy and 100% throughout the season.