Hundreds arrive in Lincoln County for viral Area 51 meme

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Aiden Deming, Tech Reporter

Last night, avid supporters of the “Storm Area 51” movement began demonstrations outside of the Groom Lake Base entrance. When the original Facebook page for “Storm Area 51” was created back in mid-July 2019, 2 million people vowed they would “rush” the base and with 1.5 million interested. What started as a joke turned into a marketing and internet sensation that quickly took over the internet and the United States media. was so overtaken by the sensation the meme created that the United States Air Force issued a statement in which they would use any means necessary to protect American assets and facilities.

Witnessing the meme explode into a phenomenon, the United States Air Force quickly issued a statement in where they threatened to use any means necessary to protect American assets and facilities.  Strangely enough, this did not stop over 100 people from gathering by the back gate of the Groom Lake Base following the original plan.  In response to the Air Force’s warning, less bold alien fanatics have devised several similar festivities for people to enjoy.

Several new events spawned from the Facebook event by people looking for a safer celebration. For adults, there is a 21+ Alien-themed club night hosted by original creator of the event Matty Roberts on September 19, 2019.  Plus, “Alienstock” is being hosted in Rachel, Nevada, by The Alien Research Center with a music festival on September 20 2019. Luckily these haven’t turned out to be the “humanitarian disaster” as Lincoln County expected, the worst is that traffic has been elevated slightly following the beginning of the “Storm Area 51” event.

With all these events, one can be confused as to what is happening where, especially since 1.5 to 2 million people were “expected” to show up. Only about 100 have been accounted for and more are expected to be on the way to one of the most curious places in America.  The Area 51 raid certainly has expanded into a much larger event than anyone ever expected.