Welcoming a New Dance Coach on Campus


picture taken by Brooke Selvidge.

Brooke Selvidge, Reporter

Don Lugo is welcoming a new dance coach Carolyn Tellez. Carolyn is not only a coach, she is also attending Mount Sac community college and was a previous student at Don Lugo, on the dance team for four years and graduated in 2017. She is currently polishing a Jazz and Hip Hop routine.

Carolyn teaches students at a Dance Shop in Ontario Carolyn’s favorite dance style is contemporary. Carolyn hopes her teaching will help students to not only grow but, learn self discipline. In the future Carolyn wants to get better at Contemporary dance.

When asked about students who may want to join dance, she responded with encouraging words, “You don’t have to come from a dance studio to be good, it just matters how much you want it and how much effort your willing to put in.” At the studio she teaches Hip Hop, gymnastics, ballet and Jazz. At Don Lugo she teaches Hip Hop and Jazz she works with other coaches with contemporary dance.