Key games to look out for this upcoming fall season


Anthony Luna

Don Lugo Quarterback holding ball against hip during practice.(Photo Courtesy of: donlugofootball via Instagram)

Diego Cruz, Sports Editor

Rivalry games at Don Lugo never fail to reel in huge crowd. Iconic rivalries like Chino vs. Don Lugo are probably one of the most well-known match ups across campus and produce the most school spirit. Each sport has a few of these rivalry games, such as the Milk Can for football, the Fishbowl from water polo, and Queens of the Court for volleyball. However, Chino is not our only rival, and the time to face these rivals is nearing.


Benjamin Chavez on offensive line against Tustin HS. (Photo Courtesy of: Don Lugo Football via Instagram)

Lets take a simple review from last year’s Milk Can game of Don Lugo against Chino High. The game was pretty much one-sided as the Conquistadors walked away easily with a 35-0 win against Chino after a thunderstorm delay which then forced the officials to end it due to safety precautions. Sure the Milk Can is an incredibly exciting event to watch as the two Chino teams go at it, each fighting for the long-standing rivalry. However last year there were many exciting match ups that might deserve a Milk Can type game of their own.

  • Don Lugo vs. Northview

These two teams have quite a bit of history when it comes to the field. Going from last year, the Vikings easily escaped with a win as they defeated Don Lugo in a Conquistador home game. As the game may have seemed like a beat down on paper, these two teams have been going at it for the past 4 years and are not even a league match-up which makes the rivalry even more interesting. Coach Gano had some words about their rivalry against Northview explaining, “We just need to focus on how we play  and not worry about how they play.”

When we play as a team, that’s our greatest strength.”

— Greg Gano (Head Coach)

This year Lugo football is 1-2 facing Northview and are going head to  head again for the 4th straight year in a row and hope to secure the W and tie the exciting series 2-2 this year.


Ellie Garcia spiking ball against Ontario HS.(Photo Courtesy of: Dr. Kimberly Cabrera)
  • Don Lugo vs. Diamond Bar

Besides Chino as being Lugo’s #1 rival in volleyball, Lugo also has some huge competition against Diamond Bar. The Diamond Bar volleyball squad has only been around in the Mt. Baldy League division for two years and Lugo hopes to secure a win after getting 3-1’d in sets twice in last years’ performances. Although it seems like Diamond Bar is a tough match-up, Don Lugo volleyball coach Cherry Baylon states, “I think we have enough talent to take them down; we improved a lot.”

The amount of confidence from the coach only shows the expectations she holds for her volleyball team. However, on paper, Don Lugo seems to be a better team overall. After Lugo finished with a solid 14-8 record(8-2 league record), Diamond Bar finished with an average record of 10-9. Even so, the two of these teams together always calls for an interesting game.

Water Polo

P.E. students playing water polo. (Photo Courtesy of: Quest News)

Water Polo has always remained a strong sport for Don Lugo especially from last years’ season. Finishing league with 9-1 record and remaining 1st in Mt. Baldy league, they’ve shown how much they are willing give throughout their entire season. But, this doesn’t mean that our water polo team is as invincible as it seems.

  • Don Lugo vs. Alta Loma

Alta Loma has always impacted Lugo’s performance in tournament games, even last year, when the had their outstanding season. Head coach Enrique Barajas speaks on their match-up against Alta Loma with all the hope possible for his team, “They’re a tough team but I think we’re tougher.” This quote embodies our water polo team perfectly, as they never give up, even against their toughest competitors.

Chino high school might be our most known rivalry, but in no way are they the only one. Each and every one of these games will be adrenaline pumping, heart racing, and a must see match up.