Monthly Military Events

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Patricia Redaelly, Reporter

For people interested in joining or learning about the military, once a month every Tuesday, the military will be holding events in the lunch area for everyone to participate. There will be soldiers from the Coast Guard, Navy, Marines, National Guard, Air Force, and Army. Each branch will have their own private booth to hand out pamphlets, answer questions, talk with you and some may have activities for you participate in.

The Marines have a pull up bar along with a pushup challenge to test your strength and some of the pamphlets they hand out are for Scholarship Programs such as, Musician Enlistment and Technical Skill. Booths for different branches may have different pahtways to talk about so try to visit all of them. “The military are on campus to answer questions you have” – Elena Hernandez, Career Center. So ask your questions, these soldiers are here to help you find out if this is a career path you’d be interested in so don’t be shy.