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Chino Valley Unified School District meeting room with the board which was used for an emergency meeting.

BREAKING NEWS: 5-0 vote by school board gives CVUSD superintendent state of emergency resolution power

The vote for the state of emergency resolution motion to allow Superintendent Norm Enfield, Ed.D to take any and all necessary actions to prepare and respond effectively to the novel coronavirus was a unanimous 5-0 vote among board members. The approval came at 4:17 pm and will allow Dr. Enfield to close schools and/or the district if necessary, enter into contracts without obtaining public bids or Board approval, reallocate financial resources for things such as education for students, order hotspots, technology, equipment, and cleaning/disinfecting supplies, etc.  

Dr. Enfield’s most pressing concern from the board members and community regarding the closing of schools came with a response and plan for continuing education. “If schools are closed longer than 10 days we would be looking to go into an online platform and provide the service of education to our students,” explained Enfield.

Board members voiced concerns before the resolution was reached. Vice President, Christina Gagnier brought up the provision of alternative education programs and the impacts on the teachers. She was adamant about closing schools and made her support of that decision clear. “San Bernardino Public Health is doing a poor job….we should focus on continuity. We need to contain this,” said Gagnier.  Andrew Cruz took a moment to address CVUSD families, “When it comes to parents, your gut if your child has a respiratory issue and you feel it’s necessary, you should do what’s best and remove your child from school.” Cruz also encouraged people to be good neighbors by helping the elderly and assist everyone who could possibly be in danger. 

The emergency meeting of board members also included plans for an emergency meeting with principals and activities directors to discuss other upcoming events such as choral festivals, proms, and other common events. Dr. Enfield made it clear that all high school events will be treated equally, “If one school were to cancel a prom or common main event all the other schools will be asked to follow suit. All the schools are consistent in activities they have to cancel or postpone, all four high schools are doing the same thing…if one has to cancel prom, then all four high schools will be doing that together.”


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