Captain and Commissioner; Alexis Randazzo


Alexis Randazzo, Cheer captain. Photo courtesy of Alexis Randazzo.

Karly Ortiz , Managing Editor

Arriving at school at 6:20 and sometimes staying until 7; most people can’t handle a regular school day, let alone a school day of Alexis Randazzo. She’s an upstanding Cheer Captain, a Renaissance Commissioner, and even volunteers regularly. Alexis embodies precisely what it means to “Be respectful, Be responsible, Be involved.”

Alexis began her school involvement in elementary school where she joined the SSA( Safe School Ambassadors), a club that helps make sure students don’t get bullied and has continued this same involvement in every grade after that. But her involvement spans wider than just school, she volunteers at Isaiah’s Rock around the holidays, the Chino Neighborhood House, and Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times which is a camp for cancer patients and their siblings. Not many kids our age would go out of their way to do things like this, which is just one of the reasons Alexis deserves so much credit. 

Renaissance at Don Lugo. Photo of Alexis Randazzo.
Alexis Randazzo with her fellow Cheerleaders at the Chino Christmas Parade. Photo courtesy of Alexis Randazzo.

On a day to day basis, Alexis usually wakes up at 5 am to start getting ready for school, gets to school around 6:20 to make it for her zero period, Renaissance. Depending on the day, Alexis might have cheer practice after school and if not, she runs errands for her mom since she is now able to drive. After doing what she has to do, she goes home to start on her homework, eat dinner, take a shower then goes to sleep. This type of schedule is enough to drive the best of us crazy, but Randazzo does it with a smile on her face each time. 

Believe it or not, Alexis does have some time to do the things she likes on days her schedule isn’t too packed, including watching movies, playing with her pets, messing with her siblings, and watching YouTube. Alexis says her family is a big part of the reason she does all that she does, and their support is what makes her strive to do her best. With her family by her side, they do support Alexis and strive her to do her absolute best.

They’re extremely supportive and they are the best people I know.”

— Alexis Randazzo

With all the work she does, her plan for the future is to become a social worker and eventually have her own foster house. This future goal sprouts from her love of children, and because she wants to help children in any way she possibly can. Not only opening her heart to any child as a social worker, but then to eventually  open a comfortable and loving home to a child in need is what she plans to do in her future.

With all that she’s done and has been doing, it comes as no surprise that Alexis’s friends have all spoken very highly of her. One friend described her as a fantastic and loving person, “If I need her, she’s right there for me.” Another friend goes on to describe how hardworking and friendly she is, and how lucky they feel to know her. Some friends even go on to say she’s their “rock”. If you’ve ever had a conversation with her, all of these things are very noticeable to you very quickly.

She is a great leader, she can take charge of any situation.”

— Wishes to remain anonymous

Alexis Randazzo is generous student who always seem to put others needs ahead of her own, from her cheer team, to the entire school, and even further to the community around her. If you happen to see Alexis in passing, make sure to stop and talk to her, and you might end up with an extraordinary friend or mentor.