CIF changes transfer student-athlete sport eligibility rules

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Diego Cruz, Sports Reporter

Let’s say you moved here in the middle of football season and got straight on the field without a second thought, well according to the new CIF eligibility rules, you may be putting your team at risk of disqualification. As fall sports are beginning to start, such as basketball and soccer, an interesting form came out from the commissioner of the southern section of CIF. Rob Wigod, the commissioner, stated that there will be a new policy to the eligibility of transfer students being able to participate in fall sports affective right away.

In the message, Mr. Wigod stated that there was a recent survey taken by parents and administrator’s of southern California about the immediate eligibility students have in joining sports as soon as they transfer to their new school. 46% of votes went to the option of freshman students having unlimited eligibility to join any sport that they wish to participate in. 41% of the votes went to the opposite thoughts saying that there should limited eligibility to transfer students participating in sports.

Mr. Wigod found the survey very interesting considering that there was such a high percentage of people that voted that there should be limited eligibility to transfer students and that they will have to wait for the next season to start. Mr. Wigod sided with the 41% of the votes as he implemented a new rule.

This rule that was implemented, explained that parents of any student that wishes to compete in future sports while transferring high schools are required to send specific documents to the school showing that their residence changed in order for their kid to participate. For example; parents would have to submit their real estate documents confirming there is a change in the residence. They would also have to provide the school with their new address which will also be another confirmation of a moved residence.

Although there is consequences if their is no certified resident change made by the parents. The student will have to be put in a system called the sit-out period, which is when a transferred athlete has no eligibility to play any sports and must wait until the next season starts for that sport. It comes at no surprise that most families and students have been trying to avoid the sit out period. However, Mr. Wigod explained this is a dangerous situation for schools considering the fact that if a student does happen to escape the sit-out period with no confirmation of a resident change, the sport that the student is participating in must forfeit all games.

This rule change has affected the way transfer students will be able to participate in sports, however a lot of students and guardians aren’t even aware of this new policy. The rule that any transfer student would have immediate eligibility in sports has been around for a long time, so of course this will be difficult to adjust to considering its been around for a while. Be sure to re-read the CIF policies and ensure you’re not putting your team at risk of disqualification.