Don Lugo adapts to COVID-19 protocol with Drive-Thru Picture Day


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Drive-Thru Logo symbolizing there is a drive-thru nearby. Often Drive-Thru logos are a sign of fast food restaurants to get your food in a hurry and effectively, however with new guidelines regarding COVID more and more companies other than the food industry are taking part in creating a drive-thru method for consumers to get their desired items while staying safe with CDC guidelines.

Diego Cruz, Managing Editor

With COVID taking students out of classrooms to maintain social distancing, many key school events would be changed as well. Events like rallies, sporting events, and a parents’ favorite, picture day would all be dismissed or changed in a way that adapts to our recent everyday norm. With health first, Portrait Pro Studios creates a way where students can feel safe while taking their photos by creating a drive-thru like experience for picture day.

On January, 12 & 13, Don Lugo will be having drive-thru picture day for students to get their picture taken for the yearbook. However, there is no information on how it will be done or what the steps look like for now and will likely have to wait for information sooner than later over winter break.

Every year students line up from classroom to classroom and wait to get their picture taken in the MPR, with a new school environment due to coronavirus Don Lugo will be taking a different route for the yearly event with drive-thru picture day that will work much like the normal way.

The thought of a drive-thru picture day seems as an innovative way to get pictures in the yearbook as well as adapting to the COVID-19 protocols. However there isn’t a guarantee on how many students will do it. We know that students don’t already take their yearbook picture even with school being on campus, but now students have to go on a specific date to school and wait in a long line to get their picture taken. It can only cause interest as how many students actually take part in this event.

Portrait Pro Studios isn’t the only studio allowing a drive-thru picture day as tons of photo studios have switched to this method creating an easy and safe way to make any kinds of memories from this drastic year. As we age closer and closer to the end of the semester, it will be interesting to see how this event will play out.