Woman sues Walmart for being “racist”


Essie Grundy (left) and Gloria Allred (right) announce their race discrimination lawsuit against Walmart. Photo courtesy of Public Domain.

Karly Ortiz , Commentary Writer

It’s no secret that segregation, discrimination, and racism still plague America, and contrary to popular belief, it never truly left. People are sensitive to these subjects, and rightly so, but according to “Social Justice Warriors”, almost anything can be deemed racist. Now, people with this touchy mentality have strayed from Twitter, and have decided to take action. It seems like suing and ruining other lives in the name of false ‘justice’ shows how far backwords America seems to be heading.

For example, Essie Grundy filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against Walmart. She was surprised when she noticed the African American hair products behind glass, while the ‘Caucasian’ products were not. To Essie, this perpetuates the stereotype that African Americans steal. But, in actuality, putting up the glass is a reaction to those items having been stolen before, and has nothing to do with race. It’s hard to see Grundy as anything other than someone chasing money, and doing so on the behalf of a well-known companies reputation.

The fact that Wal-Mart is taking steps to protect their products is not racist, it’s business. About five years ago, stores started locking up individual razors. They didn’t start this because they assume ‘all hairy people steal’, they did it because they were being stolen. Locking up items is a reaction to them being taken, not an assumption that they will be taken.

Just because the African American bottles of shampoo have been stolen and Walmart is doing something about it, doesn’t mean it’s aimed at all African Americans. If the Caucasian products were stolen, they’d be locked up, too. Making it a “race thing” just shows how sensitive modern day America is.

I just feel that we all need to be treated equal. It’s no way that we should be treated …just because of a complexion. We are all human and we deserve to be treated as everyone else. ”

— Essie Grundy

Although I agree with Grundy in this aspect, the whole situation is majorly blown out of proportion, and for no reason. When Walmart stated the reason the items were locked, the lawsuit should’ve been dropped. If Grundy had truly been offended, Walmart’s statement and an apology would’ve been enough. But, apparently it isn’t enough, and money is the only thing that can satisfy her.